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Knowledgeable & Reliable

An honest, reliable IT Professional is essential to keeping your technical challenges at a minimum. Whether it's malfunctioning hardware, new equipment or streamlining your technical world, The Mindful Tech has you covered!

Virus Removal & Tuneup

Expert Guidance

The internet is a modern marvel of instant information, communication and commerce. But this necessity of daily life comes with risks.

Adware: displays ads slowing your computer and internet.

Malware: malicious software that damages or steals your data.

Ransomware: encrypts your data and holds it for ransom.

These are just a few reasons it is crucial to have effective functional Antivirus software, the latest security updates for your operating system, regular backups of critical data, and periodic checkups by a trusted IT Professional.

Data Recovery & Migration

Server Workstation or Home

Business owner, employee, or home user alike, your data is an integral part of your computing experience. Unfortunately it can sometimes be taken for granted until it's no longer there.

With over 20 years of experience I have performed a wide range of data services for my clients. You can rest assured that your data is in responsible hands. 

Data Transfer to New Server, Workstation, or PC

Deleted or Corrupt File Recovery

Failing Hardware Recovery

Computer Networking

Sharing Data

Today we rely on electronic communications for nearly every facet of modern life. When those communications are interrupted stress and frustration levels can skyrocket. Having a knowledgeable IT Professional you can depend on is critical to alleviating that stress.  

Server & Workstation Communications

Home Networks

Printers, Mobile Devices, Entertainment Systems

Modem, Router, Wireless AP Configuration

Preventive Maintenance

Precautionary Checkup

Data backups, Antivirus software, and security updates are highly recommended tools for preventing disaster. But without regular monitoring you may face disaster and find one of these tools missing. 

Scheduled maintenance can keep your computer equipment running smoothly and help prevent problems before they occur. Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or once a year. Ask how you can stay protected.

Jason Pasalis


Mon - Fri: 8am-5pm

Sat: Available by Appointment

Sun: Available by Appointment

Hourly Labor Rate

Onsite: $130

Remote: $100

Travel Charges:

Free within 15 miles of Scotts Valley, CA

(Request an estimate for your location)

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